An updated feature comparison between Capacity Scheduler and Fair Scheduler



As every Hadoop YARN user knows, YARN has two schedulers: fair scheduler and capacity scheduler (Actually there’s a 3rd scheduler, called Fifo scheduler, but not that widely adopted). “Which scheduler to use?” is one of the most common questions asked by YARN user.

I want to write this blogpost to help you understand the latest feature-wise comparision between two schedulers. Hope this could make you become less doubt about making choices between the two schedulers.

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Suggestions About How To Better Use YARN Node Label



Node label is an attractive feature of YARN, which is available since Apache Hadoop 2.6. It can solve problems in different scenarios. However, from Hadoop JIRA and mail lists, many users encounter issues to setup and use node label.

As major designer and maintainer of this feature, I would highly recommend you to read this blog post if you’re using or plan to use this feature. It could save you hours of time used to troubleshoot issues. Instead, you do more meaningful stuff, like getting drunk. 🙂
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